About this site.


This site and its content has been written by Trevor Morris. Hello! I have been a professional web developer since 2004 (16 years!) and hobby developer since 1996. My main website is over at trovster.com.

I have worked at a small design agency with other three folks and then a medium sized web development company writing bespoke content management systems. For nearly ten years, I have been self-employed, working on small WordPress projects to contracting at multi-million pound companies.

I have picked up a lot of tips, tricks, tools, snippets and experience along the way. I’d like to share some of these as someone might find them helpful. It’ll also give me some reference why I try and work out how to do things myself!

This site was made possible by the Hylia starter kit designed and built by Andy Bell. This is a statically generated site using Eleventy and deployed on Netlify.